Santa & The 12th Floor

This painting depicts the annual visit of children to see Santa at the toy department of the downtown Detroit J. L. Hudson Company's department store years back when toys were more basic but the experience nonetheless momentous.

Santa & The 12th Floor
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Original Oil available $$1,500
Available Editions:
Prints 9"x12"$29 + Shipping
Giclee' 5"x7"$25 + Shipping (unframed)
Giclee' 11"x14"$50 + Shipping
Giclee' 12"x16"$55 + Shipping
Giclee' 14"x18"$65 + Shipping
Giclee' 16"x20"$75 + Shipping
Giclee' 20"x24"$90 + Shipping
Custom Sizes Available
Stretched Canvas Retouch Available