Marshall Fields, A Bygone Era

This theme depicts an early period in the 20th century when styles and vehicles portrayed a slower and more innocent period. The original Marshall Fields store at the corner of State Street and Washington Avenue remains an active national landmark. It was built shortly after the Chicago Fire of 1871.

Marshall Fields, A Bygone Era
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Original Oil not available
Limited Edition Signed Lithographic Print Available
13.5"x17.5" $65 (Unframed + Shipping)
Available Editions:
Prints 9"x12"$29 + Shipping
Giclee' 5"x7"$25 + Shipping (unframed)
Giclee' 11"x14"$50 + Shipping
Giclee' 12"x16"$55 + Shipping
Giclee' 14"x18"$65 + Shipping
Giclee' 16"x20"$75 + Shipping
Giclee' 20"x24"$90 + Shipping
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Stretched Canvas Retouch Available